ERIDU has been set up as a platform that will help numerous students with difficulties in selecting a major and

selecting a major that fits their aptitude, as well as expand and connect educational majors and job duties.

We recognized the necessity of sharing knowledge on majors, occupations, and job duties and specialized education.

ERIDU is a platform that integrates education and occupations, allowing pre-experienced ones to share their knowledge

with post-experienced ones to reduce trial and error underwent in the entry of the next process and achieve a mutual Win-Win.

Share your knowledge and job duties in ERIDU and get help for your aptitude and professional tasks

with online lectures in various majors and practical fields.

Companies can also hold job education in ERIDU. Group members can share each other's study process and substitute it for tutoring.

Create profits with your knowledge and career as well.

ERIDU will assist your growth.

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ERIDU allows anyone to lecture and

take classes anytime in their own space.

Start opening lectures without restrictions on qualifications or courses.

Real-time lecture rooms are available not only as 1:1 but also as 1:N education,

lectures, and meetings.

You can lecture and take classes anywhere and anytime in a PC or

mobile environment with no additional program installation.

ERIDU offers an online integrated specialization educational environment

that is worthwhile to all.